Want even more out of life? 


Do you want to remove the blocks that are holding you back?

Are you ready to be free?

Hi, I am Elvisa Kovacevic. I am your strategic interventionist and transformational expert. I want to invite you to our upcoming Transformational Workshop!


If the answer to this question is yes then that’s all you’ll need to make a decision to register for this event.

Life becomes really noisy sometimes and we’re unable to distract ourselves from the noise of the world around us if we don’t nourish and care for our soul, if we don’t have some sort of training in life lessons.

And this is one of a kind opportunity to not just teach you about those most important life lessons, but to have you experience firsthand some of the world’s hidden treasures when it comes to personal success and achievement.

We can sometimes waste years in an issue that can easily be broken through with a simple refrain, but we just don’t know how.

We spent years avoiding our lifelong dreams because we’re afraid.

We don’t go for our desires because of the unconscious limiting belief.

We are not free to live authentic life because of the fear of judgment.

And many other reasons prevent us to live fully and dare greatly in our life’s and businesses, but there’s a way to breakthrough all that and live your life to the fullest.



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In this Transformational Workshop, you will take away: 

  • Expand your identity – become more of your authentic self.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs – become free.
  • Break through fears – fear is, false evidence appearing real, I promise to prove it to you.
  • Overcome obstacles – embrace uncertainty.
  • Attain any goal – learn success strategies of the most famous.
  • Light the fire within yourself and proper strategies to take you toward desired results.
  • How to create yourself whose acts lead to results.
  • Develop unstoppable desire to be in harmony with yourself.
  • Know why we do what we do, the reasons behind all our action, and be able to recognize it in others.
  • Step into personal power now, without attempting to self- sabotage.
  • Live life unapologetically.
  • Developed self confidence in personal and professional life.
  • One of a kind experience that will catapult your life to amazing heights.
  • Cleanse your body and mind. 

And much more!

You will notice that uncertain becomes certain, impossible possible, fear is our friend and all of this will enable you to achieve any goal. You will overcome distraction, the voice that repeats what is impossible, trying, hoping, dreaming, and desire that one day you will be where you want. You will be involved in several transformative activities where the challenges will no longer appear as obstacles but opportunities. You will be able to enjoy to live that progress in all aspects of your life.



January 28th, 2017 Atlanta 

Register early for special savings ;

$ 145 if you register before January 7th! 

 $175 after January 7th. 

To register:



Or email 



Are you the chosen one? 

  • We attract a wide range of people, cultures and abilities. In this seminar/workshop you will find : families, business oriented people, moms, students, entrepreneurs/individuals who aspire to a higher level and richer life.
  • If you belong to any category of these people or people who want to go  forward in life with a smile, stop wasting precious time that is given to us, if you want to live a full life / to be the way you want to be, to win the fears and realize you dreams, then – Transformational Workshop is for you !
  • If any of this resonates with you, part of you is already decided to be present at this workshop.
  • If some part of you found the rejection and or fear, a part of you knows that you need to be at this workshop.

We are all busy. Time and resources are available to everyone, but only those who find time for certain things, create more time.

 “The biggest risk, is not daring to risk”. Oprah

This is not a workshop that will just leave you feeling good, we will lead you to inner transformation. Challenge you in many ways and lead you to question everything you believed to this point. Help you see the light that you are and the importance of you shining brightly. Your body and mind will thank you.

Here you have non- stop opportunities to experience personal breakthroughs that call to the surface that what is in the depth of the soul.

When you discover how it is to be on a seventh heaven you want to pass it on to others, especially if you have a message to share with the world. As our main purpose here on Earth is to make this world more prosperous and brighten it up with our unique touch!

And that can only be true when we free ourselves.



What others are saying about Transformational Workshop?

Turn Fear into Power!

Doubt into Action!



From Europe to America,

Canada to China,

I’m here to call your greatness. 

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Excited to have your join us!

Email  creatingnewyou@yahoo.com

 call 404-245-9881



Live fully and dare greatly,

–Elvisa Kovacevic, your personal transformational expert.